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Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Love Cozy Mysteries try reading this one!

Cat Got Your Secrets: A Kitty Couture Mystery by [Chase, Julie]    To order yours click here

Reading Cat Got Your Secrets by Julie Chase was a pure joy. I adore cozy mysteries. They are always happy and just plain fun :) Lacy is running a doggie boutique and her parents are working on a pet pageant when a man who had a argument with Lacy's dad is found dead in a freezer! Lacy is working hard on trying to defend her dad while her mom puts on a big hat,  swing coat and looks like a Ninja trying to dodge the public! Between critical remarks from CB on the internet declaring the dad's guilt m trying to race the cops to prove daddy's innocence this is a fun read. I loved it! You will get tons of laughs! I did receive my copy for review purposes and no monies were exchanged.

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Monday, June 27, 2016

Feel like shopping today? check out some great products we came across :)

Who doesn't love cute little dolls? I feel in love with this company once I started to see the detailed quality of their products and the detailed workmanship Check out - This is the perfect place to shop for baby showers and for pretty clothing for your little ones. If you are a doll collector or love animals you will love this sight as well as they have many many beautiful unique things you won't find anywhere else. I loved the handmade toys they sent to us to review - I'm Clay's princess and I love kitties and who doesn't love the story of Little Red Riding hood - All of these are also fun toys to add to your church nursery or school too! We were gifted these items free of charge for our honest review.

  808 Headphone review

 <---- Give a way I Loom 


Check out their site to see how you can get a case FREE!!!! 

Today I have been going from pillar to post if you have been watching me on youtube today you may have seen me talking about my review new Classic JOLLY clogs from and I am LOVING THEM! I told Clay that these are the best garden clogs I ever owned (you can get them as shoes too if you don't like the back open.) They are made in Germany and SUPER COMFORTABLE! So many choices you really need to spend some time on the site to pick out the perfect colors and DESIGNS you love. I wear clogs year round as they are so practical when I am working and have to dash to go somewhere or it's Raining or dewy in the morning. The special design too makes them easy for cleaning and they LAST just about FOREVER!!!! If you are looking for a good summer footwear this is it! Let me know if you have ever owned this and chat with me on twitter @R47R and let me know if you own them or if you are going to buy a pair let me know which ones you picked out ! And getting back to my pillar to post story - These shoes were perfect for a day like today where I had some running around after my feet were already so tired from running around yesterday and then waking up at 3 am today .. and without my nap .. well you know I just keep moving.. and the shoes were a HUGE blessing for those very tired feet! I give these a HUGE thumbs up. We did receive our garden shoes free of charge in exchange for our honest review.

    Alkaline 88 water review

    Belli Review

  Chicken soup for the soul cat food

Tapatio Salsa

I am loving me --- by enjoying Tapatio Hot sauce. 
This has a nice medium heat range and was perfect for Hot wings,  which I made for Clay and I along with a salad while checking out this hot sauce for flavor, heat, texture, aroma.  I love to cook using various spices and can hardly wait to use this for eggs, burgers , etc..  this was more than I expected. Tapatio has a nice earthy flavor - there is heat but mainly the  nice flavor prevails. Those that are not big hot sauce fans will love this one as it is mild.  It is a blend of red pepper, salt, and garlic. To order yours go to

Ozeri Ultra 42 inch Wind Fan 

I am in love with my  Ozeri Ultra 42 inch wind fan. This is way better than any house fan you will ever purchase as to me it feels more like air conditioning. I use a fan all year long in our home since it gets sooo hot in the kitchen on days I am baking or canning for my family. I love that the tower fan is oscillating and has noise reduction technology. It is really quiet which is beautiful for me as I am usually multitasking and watching vlogs on youtube while I am working all day. This is also a gorgeous looking fan and doesn't take up a lot of space. It does need some minor assembly when you receive it but it takes about 15 minutes to put it together and this is something I could do by myself without the help of my husband just basically putting on the base as everything else is all there. We did receive our Ozeri Ultra 42 inch wind fan for free in exchange for our honest review to learn more please go to

It is no secret that we are big fans of cheribundi ! Who doesn't love cherries and Cheribundi does it right with their delicious cherry juice! Tangy and sweet. Delicious and refreshing! Check out Cheribundi's new youtube video and don't forget to subscribe to get beautiful sweet thoughts delivered right to your front door! Cheribundi always makes the cut for our best product tours as we find their products top notch. Quaility, taste and excellent service. We received our Cheribundi free of charge for our honest review.  Here are just a few items from their site. To order yours go to BUT WAIT after you get your first taste why not get  a free case scroll down ....

cherry juice light (3

Facial_Scrub_box   One of the skills I acquired in life is to be a professional make up artist.  I know that in order to look your best you have to start at the beginning and take really good care of your skin. I am pleased to present to you Kaiderma Facial Scrub. I found Kaiderma Facial Scrub so gentle on my face, I took it right into the shower with me and plan on using it once a week to keep my skin glowing. Kadierma Facial Scrub removes dead skin cells which allows the healthy skin underneath to show. I felt that it gave the visible look of younger skin. The other thing I loved was the scent of the tropics it had very pleasant. The fragrance is key lime. Another plus is it has nutrients and antioxidants all together this is a wonderful facial scrub. I did receive mine free of charge for a honest review to share my experience with you. To order yours go to

Win Beach wear  click here

   One of the skills I acquired in life is to be a professional make up artist.  I know that in order to look your best you have to start at the beginning and take really good care of your skin. I am pleased to present to you Kaiderma Facial Scrub. I found Kaiderma Facial Scrub so gentle on my face, I took it right into the shower with me and plan on using it once a week to keep my skin glowing. Kadierma Facial Scrub removes dead skin cells which allows the healthy skin underneath to show. I felt that it gave the visible look of younger skin. The other thing I loved was the scent of the tropics it had very pleasant. The fragrance is key lime. Another plus is it has nutrients and antioxidants all together this is a wonderful facial scrub. I did receive mine free of charge for a honest review to share my experience with you. To order yours go to

Win Beach wear  click here

2 oz)

Want a free case? go here ---->


Ok, I admit it I have a huge kid at heart I suppose I never grow up.. so I have been having hours of fun with my haba crocodile puppet by  This puppet is great for church groups, your children, grand children, schools ,etc.. The face is so cute and he's got a cute tail and pretty expressive eyes. The quality is unbeatable. For those of you that are local in my are in Upstate New York you can shop at the outlet store  Image  4407 Jordan Rd, Skaneateles, NY 13152

To order online go to

I received the cutest product for my honest review the friendship collar. It is a collar for your pet and a bracelet for you! Mister Kitty my maine coon cat was gifted the collar and I get to wear the pretty bracelet. This is a precious gift for those of us who are animal lovers. What I loved about my bracelet was the quality the clasps are so pretty and the design is just plain fun! There are many choices to choose from and don't forget mother's day is just around the corner so what a cute little gift to give to a "mommy" of a pet! We received our Friendship collar and bracelet free of charge for our honest review.

WIN A 88 BAG!!!!!   

Hey all I wanted to share the gorgeous bag with you again along with some special perks just for you!  First let's get into the perks... A Free drawing to win a bag if you sign up for the 88 newsletter - Also BOGO – FREE WALLET WITH PURCHASE OF BAG $49+: COUPON CODE (R47R)  valid= April 18 to May 4 2016  #88handbags,

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TO ENTER  CLICK HERE TO ENTER Signing up for the newsletter will get you a entry!

I am love this bag! It has Image result for image 88 bag carol taupe

lots of roomy compartments and a a nice long strap so I can either hold my purse in my hand or sling it across my shoulder as I run around to do my errands. When I showed this purse to my girlfriends they thought it was gorgeous and loved the colors and  said "Ruthie! You can use that bag all year long as the colors are so universal! "- This truly is a steal too for the price point. Because I do my share of traveling I loved that I could easily slip in a book, a small crocheting project or even a snack! This is so lovely it's a perfect gift for Mother's Day too! To order yours go to

Image result for google pirate's booty  arrrrr... we got some real treasure here at the Pople Backyard Farm it was the Pirate's Booty snacks click here . A delicious snack indeed Image result for google pirate's booty  of some fine white cheddar! There are many great flavors to choose from and we enjoyed sampling with friends the flavors that were sent. Here are a few to choose from click here to peer into the pirate's booty chest . These were the perfect snack for me on my diet as they were packed with good flavor and full of real cheese! Purchase a case for your next famiy outing or for your family! We received our samples free of charge for review purposes all opinions are our own. 

We are loving our Two sisters 2-in-1 juicer it is amazing! click here on how to use This is the best juicer I have ever used it is easy and practical.I can cut up my fruit and then use the juice in salads or in my drinking water or anything! I love the fast clean up just rinse and it's ready for the next use. I hate flimsy kitchen items and I promise the Two sisters 2-in 1 juicer won't disappoint you as it is heavy duty and will last for years! I highly recommend this to my followers across the internet as I think this is the best juicer I have seen for everyday use. Coming soon a new product from them yet to be reviewed by us. I received this product free of charge for my honest review. 

  When it comes to my feet I am a bit fussy when it comes to footwear and the  socks that I wear. I am loving my  new ecosox. There are a many of nice things about these babies. They are 
*the original Bamboo sock 
*odor free-blister resistant 
* moisture controlled 

Ecosox has diabetic socks and sports socks for teams are also available. If you have a job that you have to wear a suit for their black socks are really soft and comfortable! My son is getting married and I am giving him a pair of the black socks to wear that day and also if you are a bit of a jock like me you will love walking and running in your ecosox they feel great on the feet. I enjoy wearing mine too while I am working on our little farm they keep my feet feeling great! Ecosox sent me a nice assortment of socks free of charge in exchange for my honest review

Image result for images wool and the gang tender loving clutch

I am in love, yes really. As soon as I received my Tender Loving Clutch Knit kit by Wool and the gang I thought these folks got it right! Beautiful "fiber" - jersey cloth in this kit and size 10 needles, sewing needle and clear directions for ANYONE to make this beautiful bag. The price point was fair and this was packaged beautifully for the crafter. I also enjoyed learning that if I wanted to have a inhome class and teach my friends to knit it would be free for me to get the kit and a discounted price for my friends. This would be a great way for Christian Schools, Mom's groups, homeschoolers, and clubs to learn how to knit together. Stay tuned to learn more about making my Tender Loving Kit I will be sharing more on a upcoming youtube as well as facebook and twitter. :) To get your go to click here

    If you are like me, a woman over 50 you will appreciate having a personal air conditioner. I am pleased to present to you the "COOL ON THE GO". - It's light weight can be worn on a belt , a armband, put it on your desk. The Cool on the go  can be plugged in or just used independently. I get so hot when I am working around our home between laundry, dishes, dehydrating, cleaning, farming etc.. This is keeping me feeling fresh and cool and I can get so much more done! This is a perfect gift to give anyone too! I received my cool on the go free of charge for my honest review and have been having a ball reviewing this baby. I give it a big thumbs up - Think of me this summer while you are walking in the heat with your cool on the go.. you will be thanking me - To get yours click here

We were sent a nice variety of Go Gourmet slammers for our honest review and we loved them!  Not only did Clay and I try them but our grandchildren did too. What we loved about these was not only were they practical in the pouch - which means no dishes for grandmas and moms but also good for you. Young or old these are a nice quick snack for those on the go. To learn more go to click here


Image result for Maine coon in litter box

I admit it - We have no problem with Mister Kitty using the litter box. In fact we took him outside a few times for the afternoon and felt a bit disappointed that he held it until he came indoors to use the litter box! Unfortunately many families are not that fortunate especially if you have a cat that you may allow outside in the summer and want to bring in for a season. Dr. Elsey's cat attract is for that purpose. Cat's love it and use it rather than finding a "secret spot" . If you are like me and your baby is a good boy there are some other good reasons to switch to this brand. 

  • Helps bring problem cats back to the litter box
  • Serves as a great training kitty litter for kittens
  • All-natural cat litter that is hard clumping, scoopable and 99% dust-free
  • Ideal for sifting & mechanical litter boxes
  • Contains natural chlorophyll for superior odor control
  • Can be used in households with multiple cats
    I am fussy and clean my litter box daily. I put a small amount down and toss it daily. I fell in love with this litter when I noticed that it really keeps any smell down. Try Dr.Elsey's for yourself and see if you don't love it! 

Virgin Coconut & Argan Oil Formula Shampoo Bar - 3.5ozIf you want a solid shampoo with no detergents and no conditioners, Ecologically correct and People friendly. Unique and completely biodegradable this is the one for you! Forget surprise open bottles at the gym while on vacation this is the way to go. Just imagine too how much money you are saving too - This is straight shampoo rather than mostly water with a little bit of shampoo added like the liquid shampoos. 
There are many great products on the including animal products! 

I am loving The Bridget Bucket Bag by . This is perfect for any girl on the go! It comes with a 22 " shoulder strap which I love as I love to wear a bag crossed over my shoulder. It is the perfect size not too big but not so small that I can't put in my sunglasses, wallet, cellphone, and some cosmetics. it is 10.5" high and 10" Wide smart and gorgeous in  100% black leather. I love the magnetic close and satin lining with a nice zip in pocket and 2 pockets for cellphone, etc. It also came with a extra drawstring cord and a little dust bag for the purse. 

I love the silver "frosting" of bling which really makes this purse just pop! The fringe tassel was perfect to give this a real hip feel. For a mom on the go this is the perfect purse! click here to learn more and to purchase yours! I received my bridget bucket bag free of charge and all opinions are my own. 

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  Nerium skincare review

Image result for Theracane   CLICK TO ORDER YOURS ----->

We received a theracane  free of charge for our honest review. This baby works pretty good for a deep muscle massage. Clay and I do a lot of  physical work and sometimes at the end of the day we are feeling it. I was really pleased to find that the theracane really hit the spot(or should I say spots!) It is amazing what a deep massage will do for those tight muscles at the end of a day of activities. Please watch the video above to see how this works. 

   Giraffe Bath and Body

    soft soap review

  Snorg T shirt for review

   out of africa shea


  Aunt Jayne's Seasoning

We are  loving using the Genesis 950 it works wonderful on the car and around the house. I found it works great for a fast clean up on any stains too. Working on a farm means lots of ins and outs as well as grease stains from cooking or machinery. This worked wonderful on grease stains for me. I hate having a mark on my floor or carpeting and was pleased to see that it only took me a minute to mix up the concentrate and to have it in the spray bottle and to go through the house looking for any unwanted floor marks and to clean them up. I highly recommend this- It works beautifully :) click here to order and to see how I used my Genesis 950  More... I received this product free of charge for my honest review.

Yonanas ClassicI am totally in love with this gadget. I had heard about this product and wondered what it did and was pleased to be able to review this for all my followers. The hype that I read about while checking out this product is true- Basically you can put about any fruit into the machine and it makes a delicious fruity frozen ice cream like treat. What made me fall in love with this is that I love bananas and since I live on a little farm there is plenty of frozen fruit that I can put into the machine and out pops a great healthy dessert! I love mine and I feel that I will never waste a piece of fruit again. These desserts are delicious. You will love owning one of these babies it truly is all that and a bag of chips! <--- To order yours

Aloha Eye Glasses 

Zero Water

  If you have ever suffered from sinus problems, all I can say is I feel your pain. I had a few years where I had multiple meds I would have to take to get my sinus problem in order besides sprays up the nose, steaming my sinus etc. I found a wonderful safe way to keep my sinus clear and that is the Neti pot. I absolutely love this product. If you have friends that have ever used one you will most likely get this response oh yes, they are wonderful! 

The Neti pot comes with the sinus rinse to be used and it is really simple to use- basically you are running the rinse through your sinuses to clear them out. I always feel immediately much better after using my Neti pot. To order yours click here 

dry erase board

   This is a product we have talked about before, but I wanted to share once again about this cool little dry erase board that is so practical for every family.
We received one dry erase magnetic white board for our honest review. Here are my thoughts on this board- Clay is always looking for great items to organize some of his notes. He placed the board right next to his desk so he could easily share little notes to me or to put up reminders for himself. It attached very nicely to the wall and we found this to be a great item for every family. It has some little plastic magnetic pins which work out great to highlight items you may need in a hurry. It is 11X14 which works great as it is neither too small or too big. You can order one for yourself by  clicking on their site

   Belli eye brightening Cream. Let's start here.. there is a sweepstake on their site right now so you will definitely want to look around at their products after reading this review :) Belli eye cream is made for expectant mommies. Many women struggle with those dark circles under your eyes you will love this product. It minimizes the appearance of fine lines. It also contains vit K which has been used to help reduce the appearance of dak circles and vit B3 which helps increase circulation. I enjoyed trying this product and it made my eyes look so pretty! I received this free of charge for my honest review. I suggest getting the whole regime of products to get the best overall effect :) 


Image result for images hampton creek just mayo We enjoyed trying Hampton Creek's Just Mayo . You can order yours right here ---> .
It was flavorful and was wonderful for egg salads, tuna salads, dips, etc. It is JOY on your sandwiches :). 

Some more great things about Just Mayo is 

It is soy free, dairy free, lactose-free and Kosher!  We give this one a big thumbs up! We did receive this product free of charge an all opinions are our own :) 

Cat Dancer Product Review

Image result for images halftee

I am loving my new tops from . These are awesome - I can go to a business meeting or church and slip them under a nice blouse and then come home and work out or just clean the house and be cool! They really help to extend my wardrobe too as many times I may have a shirt that is so so and these just make any shirt look more put together. There are MANY MANY choices and SIZES!!! Check out the site and let me know how you are wearing yours on twitter

I was happy to be a part of the eshakti custom made order dress event and received my dress free of charge. All opinions are my own. 

I am a huge fashion lover and was pleased to asked to be part of Eshaki's fashion event. I had several styles and dresses to choose from and the only catch was the dress had to be custom made for me! I looked for something that would be practical for me to wear this summer and when the dress arrived I was really pleased to see that it fit perfectly! Loving fashion like I do I was absolutely thrilled as years ago I found that a great way besides the malls was to order the clothing I loved delivered right to my door. I admit I was really impressed. I had them shorten my dress, add more fabric to my bustline and to adjust the sleeves - pretty much I redesigned the dress. So many choices on this site for all of us that love fashion! Check it out for yourself and tweet with me on twitter and tell me what you are wearing

Mary Kay Products   <---- Order yours by clicking the link.

We were sent a nice variety pack of Mrs. Renfro's products to review for you. This company once again made the Best Product list and here is why - The salsa and sauces all have a beautiful taste and you can actually taste the product as it isn't just "heat" in the hot version. It is no wonder that this small company is winning awards and is making it's way into homes everywhere. The quality of fresh ingredients, the superb taste and the creativity of the brand owners introducing "smart" tasty products on a consistent basis. We give this company a 10 out of 10.Quoted from their site 
October 30, 2015
Renfro Foods, manufacturer of award-winning Mrs. Renfro's salsas and other specialty food products, has been named the 2015 Small Family Business of the Year by Baylor University’s Institute for Family Business. This is the third time the multi-generational family business has been honored by the Institute, having previously received the Founders Award in 2011, and the Family Values Award in 1993."

 All opinions are our own and no other compensation was sent us but the products. 

Mister Kitty learns his second trick.. only this one is to keep him safe! 

  hoo rag product review